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Lots Of Snow Means Lots Of Fun

Alpine Slide and Big Bear Snow Play Offering Outdoor Family Adventures


The weather is getting cold and crisp, and Big Bear mountain is getting ready to bring winter fun to Southern California.

Alpine Slide and Big Bear Snow Play, both on Big Bear Blvd., offer a wide range of all-year and winter fun. Whether inner-tubing is your thing or being adventurous on a zipline style ride, both destinations have much to offer.


Alpine Slide At Magic Mountain

Snow fun starts soon at Alpine Slide with inner tubing running from November through Easter. As soon as the temperature allows, they start making snow with their five Lenko snow guns, blanketing the area's five runs.

Save time, and energy, getting back up for your next run with the plexiglass covered magic carpet moving walkway.

Snow Play sessions run daily from 10am to 4pm, and in the evenings Friday through Sunday, 5pm to 9pm. General admission is $35, small children with an adult are $20.

Alpine Slide recently debuted their new Mountain Coaster, complete with two 100-foot tunnels and a mile-long track. The new Mineshaft Coaster at Alpine Slide, first ride of its kind in California, takes riders down six-tube stainless steel tracks aboard gravity-propelled carts they control, just like on the famous Alpine Slide bobsleds. Carts hit speeds up to 27 mph going through steep descents, dips, twists, hairpin turns and more.

Riders cross three 200-foot bridges during their journey aboard Mineshaft Coaster, with three complete 360° corkscrews.

The two rock-lined tunnels will be decorated to look like mines and were carved out below Alpine Slide’s cement track. Rides last between 7-9 minutes, depending on driver speed. Tickets are $20, children $10. High-tech videos with camera captures from throughout the ride are available for purchase.

Soaring Eagle, also the first ride of its kind in California, serves up more thrills during a 500 ft. zipline-type descent with a couple notable differences. Riders sit instead of lie down and ride up to the top tower backwards! And what an experience Soaring Eagle is, taking riders almost two football fields in distance during a 125 foot descent that reaches speeds up to 26 mph.

Double seatbelts secure up to two riders who shoot to the top tower in the opposite direction they come down, almost as exhilarating as the descent itself. Soaring Eagle zips down above tree tops with panoramic forest and lake views. Riders hit top speed as they approach the bottom as the attraction comes to a stop.

Signature Alpine Slide bobsleds are also open, as guests negotiate two quarter-mile tracks filled with banked turns and straightaways on sleds they control for a thrilling Olympic-style ride.

Order from the family-priced snack bar and gourmet ice cream counter indoors and enjoy outside social distancing on two outdoor decks. Parents never have to pay at Alpine Slide if they are not playing, many choosing to read or soak up sunshine while the kids have a blast.


Big Bear Snow Play

Big Bear Snow Play, once a ski area known as Rebel Ridge, offers worldclass inner tubing on the longest runs in Southern California. As the guns continue to blast jet streams of snow, Big Bear Snow Play builds special features like whoop-di-doos and berms in addition to its traditional downhill runs.

For after dark thrills Big Bear Snow Play offers Glow Tubing night sessions, as the runs are illuminated by changing strobe lights that turn red, blue, yellow, and even black lights. Night Glow Tubing is available on Fridays, Saturdays, and holiday periods from 5-9pm.

Getting to the top of all the snow is easy thanks to Magic Carpet uphill lifts that families merely step on and off of. No uphill climb to tire parents and kids out means they save all their energy for downhill fun and get in all the runs they want.

Snow gets groomed nightly at Big Bear Snow Play to ensure the best possible conditions for guests, who enjoy evenly-spread corduroy for their downhill adventures. When it’s time for a winter warm-up, head inside the heated base lodge for family-priced snack bar and video games and there’s plenty of paved parking.

Big Bear Snow Play is open daily for inner tubing from 10am-4pm. All-day passes include tube rental and Magic Carpet lift for $35. After dark Glow Tubing sessions Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays from 5-9pm are priced at $35 as guests slide on fluorescent tubes under alternative color lights.


Alpine Slide


Big Bear Snow Play

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